Organic Facial Spa in Singapore OrganicsBeauty part3

Posted by Blog-editor on December 05, 2015
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I will write about OrganicsBeauty. This time I will talk about the treatment.

First, I had a treatment consultation while taking a footbath treatment. Then, I continued to a cleansing and herb steam treatment. While I was having a facial massage the process had a pinching-like treatment. It felt slightly painful sometimes. There are some painful parts and not so painful parts so I was wondering why that would be. I asked this question to the therapist and then her answer was that the parts where I feel pain, is evidence of very little movement. It means that location of face was keeping waste. I was concerned about that because it clearly makes me feel a lot of pain around my cheeks but less pain around my chin.

The treatment finished without a hitch. Precious time files when you are having such a wonderful moment. I was really satisfied with the high quality of service.

Immediately after getting facial treatments I always feel a good result even with other spa treatments. I feel I have a sharper face line and my skin feels firmer and more elastic. However, the big difference with OrganicsBeauty is that the result continues to the next day and beyond! That is especially rare! I would guess that I look about five or more years younger in age. It was a really amazing facial spa service.

I highly recommended visiting this spa, OrganicsBeauty if you chance to come to Singapore. OrganicsBeauty uses 100 percent natural products and offers all hand-service treatment.

Organic Facial Spa in Singapore OrganicsBeauty part2

Posted by Blog-editor on November 27, 2015
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I am continuing to write about OrganicsBeauty. FYI, the spa moved to a new location in ORCHARD and re-opened.

Information about spa: Organic Spa in Singapore “OrganicsBeauty” uses 100 percent natural products and offers all hand-service treatment.

The spa used to be in a very small space but after it moved it is now larger. Therefore, I would like to visit again soon.

Now, back to the topics about the spa I visited last time. The spa has just one room and one bed. It is pretty small (sorry if that sounds mean), but it has a very nice and calm atmosphere. The room has a great window view where you can see lots of greenery. The interior color of the room is also great choice to make you feel relaxed.

All clients will have a consultation at their first visit. Of course, I did it too. First, I filled out a consultation form. This form asks about your daily life, whether you are exercising or not, about your diet, how you are cleansing your face, what is your daily facial treatment, etc. The consultation form’s questions are very detailed. The spa owner uses the information from the form during the treatment consultation and offers a made to order service for each client.

During the consultation, I also enjoyed their herbal tea. It was a peaceful and serene time. I felt very sophisticated and satisfied.

I will talk about the treatment next time.

Organic Facial Spa in Singapore OrganicsBeauty

Posted by Blog-editor on November 11, 2015
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This is my blog which provides information about Singapore. I will write about my very favorite topics related to beauty. Today, I picked a facial spa.

I visited to organic facial spa called, “OrganicsBeauty” which is owned by a Japanese therapist. This spa is located at Riverside Point on Marchant Road. I was very interested in this spa because I was always reading the owner’s blog. That blog not only talks about spa treatments, but also about diet and life style. It taught me about how to be healthy and beautiful. “This spa helps you to represent and embody the finest beauty which can come from your essence and not just your outer appearance”. I always noticed that concept while reading this spa’s blog.

Finally, I booked an appointment with the spa where I really wanted to go and I had a wonderful facial treatment. I had the “Organic Lift up and Firm Facial treatment” which is their most popular treatment. I am concerned about a little sagging on my face that was not there before.

I will write more about this spa.

Restaurants in Singapore 2

Posted by Blog-editor on November 05, 2015
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This is a continuation of the Italian restaurant “in ITALY” topic. This time I will introduce pasta and dessert plates.

To me, Italian cuisine is pasta so I will choose pasta as my main dish. I really like pasta and I make it very often. However, I never try to make squid ink pasta because it looks difficult to cook. When I was at the restaurant someone ordered squid ink pasta and when that order went past me, I thought it looked so gorgeous. I immediately ordered the same thing. The sauce had a full flavor of garlic and red pepper. It also was served with lots of fresh and juicy shrimp. Wonderful!

Let’s talk about the dessert next. I should be full after I ate an appetizer and pasta but there is always room for sweets. Everything on the dessert menu looked so delicious, which made it very difficult to pick just one. I was so lucky that the chef stopped by my table so I let him decide on my dessert order.

A little while later, Tiramisu showed up at my table. That’s a very Italian desert. I really appreciated that the chef made that choice because it exactly suited my image of an Italian dessert. Also, it was in the shape of a heart. How lovely and sweet!!

My recommended “in ITALY” restaurant is a cozy and homey place with great foods and at reasonable prices. Please stop by if you come to Tanjong Pagar!

Restaurants at Singapore

Posted by Blog-editor on November 03, 2015
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Hello everybody, how are you? It has been past already two years after I moved to Singapore by myself for my job. I am getting used living here so I started my blog♪ I will write about gourmet food, local entertainment, beauty (I am beauty-holic!) and more topics from a local’s point of view. Please enjoy!

Today’s topic is a restaurant I went to very recently.

“in ITALY” Italian-Millan cuisine restaurant in Tanjong Pagar.

The restaurant is located in Tanjorng Pager near Craig Road. The restaurant’s interior is casual-formal and I really like the calm and chic atmosphere. This restaurant makes me feel as if I am in Italy. There are many varieties of alcohol choices, which of course include Italian wine.

First, I ordered a sparkling wine with the chef’s recommended cheese. It was a very thin sliced cheese but has a full flavor. I was really surprised how well this cheese went with sparkling wine. I will try this combination at my home next time.

I ordered tuna salad with a vinaigrette sauce as an appetizer. It is a very stylish dish exactly like Italian cuisine and very different from Japanese cuisine. The tuna is the same freshness as you would eat in Japan and has no fishy smell. It was a really great starter plate. I think I am a pretty good cook but this plate is little bit difficult to make because of the fine sauce. Very professional!!