Organic Facial Spa in Singapore OrganicsBeauty part2

Posted by Blog-editor on November 27, 2015
living in Singapore

I am continuing to write about OrganicsBeauty. FYI, the spa moved to a new location in ORCHARD and re-opened.

Information about spa: Organic Spa in Singapore “OrganicsBeauty” uses 100 percent natural products and offers all hand-service treatment.

The spa used to be in a very small space but after it moved it is now larger. Therefore, I would like to visit again soon.

Now, back to the topics about the spa I visited last time. The spa has just one room and one bed. It is pretty small (sorry if that sounds mean), but it has a very nice and calm atmosphere. The room has a great window view where you can see lots of greenery. The interior color of the room is also great choice to make you feel relaxed.

All clients will have a consultation at their first visit. Of course, I did it too. First, I filled out a consultation form. This form asks about your daily life, whether you are exercising or not, about your diet, how you are cleansing your face, what is your daily facial treatment, etc. The consultation form’s questions are very detailed. The spa owner uses the information from the form during the treatment consultation and offers a made to order service for each client.

During the consultation, I also enjoyed their herbal tea. It was a peaceful and serene time. I felt very sophisticated and satisfied.

I will talk about the treatment next time.

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