Organic Facial Spa in Singapore OrganicsBeauty part3

Posted by Blog-editor on December 05, 2015
living in Singapore

I will write about OrganicsBeauty. This time I will talk about the treatment.

First, I had a treatment consultation while taking a footbath treatment. Then, I continued to a cleansing and herb steam treatment. While I was having a facial massage the process had a pinching-like treatment. It felt slightly painful sometimes. There are some painful parts and not so painful parts so I was wondering why that would be. I asked this question to the therapist and then her answer was that the parts where I feel pain, is evidence of very little movement. It means that location of face was keeping waste. I was concerned about that because it clearly makes me feel a lot of pain around my cheeks but less pain around my chin.

The treatment finished without a hitch. Precious time files when you are having such a wonderful moment. I was really satisfied with the high quality of service.

Immediately after getting facial treatments I always feel a good result even with other spa treatments. I feel I have a sharper face line and my skin feels firmer and more elastic. However, the big difference with OrganicsBeauty is that the result continues to the next day and beyond! That is especially rare! I would guess that I look about five or more years younger in age. It was a really amazing facial spa service.

I highly recommended visiting this spa, OrganicsBeauty if you chance to come to Singapore. OrganicsBeauty uses 100 percent natural products and offers all hand-service treatment.

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