Organic Facial Spa in Singapore OrganicsBeauty

Posted by Blog-editor on November 11, 2015
living in Singapore

This is my blog which provides information about Singapore. I will write about my very favorite topics related to beauty. Today, I picked a facial spa.

I visited to organic facial spa called, “OrganicsBeauty” which is owned by a Japanese therapist. This spa is located at Riverside Point on Marchant Road. I was very interested in this spa because I was always reading the owner’s blog. That blog not only talks about spa treatments, but also about diet and life style. It taught me about how to be healthy and beautiful. “This spa helps you to represent and embody the finest beauty which can come from your essence and not just your outer appearance”. I always noticed that concept while reading this spa’s blog.

Finally, I booked an appointment with the spa where I really wanted to go and I had a wonderful facial treatment. I had the “Organic Lift up and Firm Facial treatment” which is their most popular treatment. I am concerned about a little sagging on my face that was not there before.

I will write more about this spa.

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