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Posted by Blog-editor on November 03, 2015
living in Singapore

Hello everybody, how are you? It has been past already two years after I moved to Singapore by myself for my job. I am getting used living here so I started my blog♪ I will write about gourmet food, local entertainment, beauty (I am beauty-holic!) and more topics from a local’s point of view. Please enjoy!

Today’s topic is a restaurant I went to very recently.

“in ITALY” Italian-Millan cuisine restaurant in Tanjong Pagar.

The restaurant is located in Tanjorng Pager near Craig Road. The restaurant’s interior is casual-formal and I really like the calm and chic atmosphere. This restaurant makes me feel as if I am in Italy. There are many varieties of alcohol choices, which of course include Italian wine.

First, I ordered a sparkling wine with the chef’s recommended cheese. It was a very thin sliced cheese but has a full flavor. I was really surprised how well this cheese went with sparkling wine. I will try this combination at my home next time.

I ordered tuna salad with a vinaigrette sauce as an appetizer. It is a very stylish dish exactly like Italian cuisine and very different from Japanese cuisine. The tuna is the same freshness as you would eat in Japan and has no fishy smell. It was a really great starter plate. I think I am a pretty good cook but this plate is little bit difficult to make because of the fine sauce. Very professional!!

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