Restaurants in Singapore 2

Posted by Blog-editor on November 05, 2015
living in Singapore

This is a continuation of the Italian restaurant “in ITALY” topic. This time I will introduce pasta and dessert plates.

To me, Italian cuisine is pasta so I will choose pasta as my main dish. I really like pasta and I make it very often. However, I never try to make squid ink pasta because it looks difficult to cook. When I was at the restaurant someone ordered squid ink pasta and when that order went past me, I thought it looked so gorgeous. I immediately ordered the same thing. The sauce had a full flavor of garlic and red pepper. It also was served with lots of fresh and juicy shrimp. Wonderful!

Let’s talk about the dessert next. I should be full after I ate an appetizer and pasta but there is always room for sweets. Everything on the dessert menu looked so delicious, which made it very difficult to pick just one. I was so lucky that the chef stopped by my table so I let him decide on my dessert order.

A little while later, Tiramisu showed up at my table. That’s a very Italian desert. I really appreciated that the chef made that choice because it exactly suited my image of an Italian dessert. Also, it was in the shape of a heart. How lovely and sweet!!

My recommended “in ITALY” restaurant is a cozy and homey place with great foods and at reasonable prices. Please stop by if you come to Tanjong Pagar!

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